| WAND v1.9.4 Release Note
Download WAND firmware v1.9.4
1.Fixing SBC compatibility.
System Requirement
1.Windows 10
2..NET Framework 4.7.2 or above (an update to date Windows 10 system should already have this installed)

Firmware update procedure
1. Download WAND firmware v1.9.4 and uncompress the file.
2.    Open “tunai_bt_config.exe”
3.    Connect WAND to USB cable
4.    Click on the button “Start Upgrade”
5.    Wait for the upgrade to complete and unplug cable from WAND.
Note: Please do not unplug WAND while running the firmware update as this could potentially damage the device.
| WAND v1.9.3 Release Note

1.Fixing compatibility and stability when Airpod is used with other Bluetooth earphones under dual streaming mode.
2.Fixing SBC compatibility.
3.Improving reconnect speed and stability.
4.Adding volume control to WAND. LED will flash in purple every time the volume control is triggered.
   – Quick press the WAND button two times to increase the volume.
   – Quick press the WAND button three times to decrease the volume.
5.Adding new feature to remove pairing list in WAND.
   – Unplug the USB cable
   – Hold the button (DO NOT RELEASE), than plugin the USB cable and wait for 5 seconds until LED is flashing in sequence color (White, Blue, Orange).
   – Pairing is complete. Unplug the USB cable and plugin again.
| WAND v1.9.2 Release Note
1.Fixing some TV or PlayStation 4 miss recognizing WAND as HID Keyboard device.
2.Fixing PIN code requirement for some Bluetooth headphones to connect.
3.Fixing SBC compatibility.
4.Improving aptx Low Latency Dual Stream connection speed.
5.Fixing aptX Low Latency noise issue when connection unstable.