A Tiny Bluetooth Audio Reciever that adds Wireless connectivity to your Home Stereo System

The Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver has proved very reliable and easy to use. It comes well presented with high-quality RCA and AUX cables included. Its compact size makes it ideal for use in a car, especially if you’d prefer not having calls routed to the car stereo.


MEGATech Reviews: Tunai Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver

The Tunai Firefly largely delivers on its promises, offering a very convenient and reliable wireless audio solution. It connects quickly and plays flawlessly.


The Tunai Firefly Bluetooth car adapter is intended for those that need their streaming music to be bold and clear without expending a lot of power. It comes in three colors to match your car’s interior.


TUNAI Firefly Bluetooth Music Receiver Review

Wow. The Firefly certainly exceeded all of my expectations and with way more pros than cons this product easily wins our coveted Editor’s Choice award!


Lighting Up the Firefly

At the end of the day, I couldn't tell any difference between the Firefly's wireless Bluetooth connection and an audio cable - except in terms of convenience. The audio quality was good over the Firefly and the ability to hop in my truck and play music through Google Music or even an Audio book through Audible (get a free book here) was fantastic.


Solving a Common Problem

This whole uptick in wireless technology goes well beyond smartphones losing their headphone jacks. There are several reasons why you might want to use a set of wireless headphones with your television, and you might be looking for a solution that is simple yet robust, full-featured yet affordable. The Tunai Wand could be just the thing. I know it’s been for me.


Should I Buy One?

It’s a unique product, and certainly won’t be needed by everyone. However, it’s got some cool features, and personally, I’ll keep one around just for those days where connectivity options are otherwise limited. It opens up another way to pair older devices with new devices, and I love that.


Works like a magic wand!

Emerging as a significant wireless audio hub for home entertainment, WAND gives way to complete streaming of your desired audio and free from lip sync delay. This extraordinarily vital component is a perfect solution for your Bluetooth wireless audio system needs.


Home Audio Entertainment Improved

The Tunai Wand was an under the radar as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree and definitely hits above it’s weight class. The wand is simple to setup and provides seamless Bluetooth connectivity for just about any device that plays sound. The simple elegance of the brushed Aluminum matches up nicely with all of my home theater devices and disappears in to the background like a good audio device should.


A suprising, impressive Bluetooth accessory

The WAND is a great device for people who love entertainment but don’t always want to broadcast it out loud. The device works seamlessly and since it’s incredibly simple to use, I think it’s a wonderful investment for any user.

DRUM_The Verge_690x450

The Tunai Drum earphones provide an exciting listen for just $33

In genre terms, don’t bother with these if you’re a classical or jazz music enthusiast, but feel free to buy half a dozen if your preferences lie closer to hip-hop, EDM, or distorted rock guitar.


Listening to the DRUM

Audio is such a subjective thing, but I'm super happy with these earphones. If they were packaged with the name Beyerdynamic, Shure or Sennheiser, you'd be happy spending $100+ on these and marvel that they could put this kind of sound in such and "affordable" package.


Band the Drum

The TUNAI Creative Drum is a great sounding earphone for something in the budget range. It is sure to please anyone looking for something with some extra bass and a smooth, warm presentation, particularly those who are treble sensitive.


A Tiny Bluetooth Audio Reciever that adds Wireless connectivity to your Home Stereo System

While I haven’t specifically listened to some of the other products mentioned, I could easily tell the Drum had superior bass for earbuds, with the higher frequency ranges not being quite as strong as other devices I’ve used in the past. That said, high range tones like clicking or clacking in gaming came through pretty well, where some bass heavy audio devices can make it very hard to hear those kind of sounds at all. A minor adjustment from software equalizers will likely make up the difference for most listening scenarios.


TUNAI DRUM Earphones

We liked these in our usage for genres like house music, hip hop, and other punchy types. Spoken word (audiobooks, podcasts) sound okay but they’re more tuned for heavier stuff. Grab a pair in your color of choice (blue, green, orange, silver, and black) for just $33 at Amazon.

DRUM_Timmy Joe_690x450

Tunai Drum Headphones - Best Sounding Headphones Yet!

Some of the best in ear headphones i've ever heard, comparable to headphones priced much much higher.



Crisp and clear in all of its frequency range, the DRUM produces some of the funkiest bass around for a pair of in-ear earphones, and surprisingly its mid-frequency sounds are rich and pronounced. You have initial struggles with its highest tones being a bit piercing, but nothing some sound equalization can’t fix.


Top 8 In-Ear Headphones Under $50:

The driver housing is large, which was necessary in order to accommodate the additional hardware. In terms of aesthetics, you have few options on the table, although the whole design is quite stealthy. When it comes to performance, things are much more interesting. The response is great no matter which part of the range you look at, while there is plenty of girth overall.


Drum Earphones: Delivering A Concert Experience

If you haven’t heard about Tunai’s Drum earphones, you’re missing out. These high-resolution bass enhanced audiophile earbuds are not only a great value, but they also deliver concert quality sound. You might think that all earphones are the same, true audio snobs will tell you something different.


Tunai Piano Hi-Res Headphones Review – Big Sound on a Tiny Budget!

Right now, it seems a “best set of headphones ever” lands in my lap every other week. Either the performance is better, or the price is better, and this week it seems to be both. Best headphones ever? No, there are subjectively better out there. However, I can’t think of anything that sounds better by a tiny bit until I spend two or three times over the value of the Tunai. Big performance on a wallet-friendly budget is here for everyone, and even the more serious audiophiles out there should eagerly check these out.


MEGATech Reviews: Tunai Piano Ceramic Dual Driver Earphones

Tickle me impressed. To test the audio quality on these earphones, I ran through a number of songs across a decently broad range of genres. I reveled in the synthpop of Gunship, the hard-hitting rhymes of Eminem, and the vocal prowess of Christina Aguilera. The Tunai Piano was able to provide enough oomph for the bass, yet remain balanced for rock and pop.


These Innovative Earbuds Deliver Certified Hi-Res Sound For A Low-Res Price

These Piano earbuds from TUNAI are a revelation and offer a superb balance between a really strong bass and a smooth top end that can sound as good as more expensive earbuds. The Piano may not have the build quality of more expensive earphones but they certainly deliver on sound and would make a superb upgrade from the stock earbuds supplied with most smartphones.