Our Company

The Company
Since 2014, our team at TUNAI Creative has amassed talents from technology leaders in Taiwan and Germany in an effort to put together an organization that is as innovative as it is effective. We have won praise for our efforts throughout Taiwan, South Korea, the United States, and Europe, where our products have been recognized for quality and utility. To date, we have put out two items: FIREFLY, which is a world’s tiniest Bluetooth music receiver that makes it easy for you to upgrade your car and home audio, and CLIP, which is a Bluetooth headphone amplifier that upgrades any wired headset into a wireless headset. In 2017, CLIP won the Taipei International Computer Show Innovative Product Design Award(Computex d&I Award). 

Our name
The word TUNAI comes from Tamil, the official language of Sri Lanka, pronunciation of word “accessory”. Sri Lanka, known as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”, is the top five gemstone producing country in the world. TUNAI, used as the first word of our brand, implying our idea in developing towards the concept of “accessory boutiques”

CREATIVE, explained by Merriam-Webster as “the ability to create”, can also be explained as “seeking to exploit the infinite in a limited space”. CREATEIVE, used as the second word of our brand, combining with the first, defines how our company will grow – “Doing the accessory boutiques differently in a new way”.

Our believe
“Simple, but Significant”. we believe technology is there to bring a better life to the world, not making life more complicated. This believe, has internalized into our development process. Discuss, modify and verify again and again to make the use of product more intuitive.