FIREFLY is a Bluetooth receiver that adds Bluetooth features to your existing audio system.

For example, if your car audio system is not Bluetooth enabled, but have phone jack (AUX), you can add use FIREFLY to add Bluetooth to your car. Or, if you have a nice Hi-Fi system but lack of Bluetooth, you can also use FIREFLY to add Bluetooth feature to the Hi-Fi.

FIREFLY supports AAC codec, which is a CD quality codec that is supported by both iPhone and Android phones.

Most Bluetooth receiver in the market have the following issues.

  • Bulky
  • So so audio quality as it only supports basic SBC (sub band coding) audio codec
  • Power by battery, requires to charge every few hours.
  • Does not support auto reconnect when car engine starts
  • Not specifically designed for car or home audio systems. Lots of wires is needed to connection and charging.

FIREFLY is the smallest Bluetooth receiver in the world, and specifically designed for car and home audio systems. The key difference be the following :

  • The compact size and aluminum casing helps FIREFLY to immerse into the existing audio system
  • Support AAC audio codec for CD quality audio
  • No battery, no charging required. Gets power directly from car power or USB power adapter
  • Power on and auto reconnects as the car engine turns on
  • Can connects to 2 smartphone at the same time

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