Firmware updates

Version 2.1

Feature update :

  1. If you are experiencing Firefly turning off by itself or not being able to connect again (the light is off permanently), please update this version of firmware and reconnect to your phone again.

System requirements:

Firmware update procedure:

  1. Install NET Framework 4.7.2 (an up to date  Windows 10 system should already have this installed)
  2. Install TUNAI FIREFLY v2.1 firmware


  1. Open “tunai-bt-config.exe”
  2. Connect FIREFLY to USB
  3. Click on the button “Start Upgrade”
  4. Wait for the upgrade to complete (when the green bar completes), then unplug FIREFLY from the cable. Wait for 5 seconds, and connect FIREFLY on the USB cable again.
  5. 5. Click on the button “Continue” and wait for the green bar to completes.
  6. 6. The upgrade is now completed, and you can unplug FIREFLY from the USB cable.

Note: Please do not unplug FIREFLY while running the firmware update as this could potentially damage the device.

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