Firmware updates

Version 1.9.4

Issues improved:

  1. The connection and stability when connecting to Airpods and some other models of headphones
  2. The speed of auto-reconnection and its stability

Additional features:

  1. For headphones that do not have any button to adjust the volume (e.g. Airpods), we have added an additional feature to adjust volume from WAND.
    • Quickly press the WAND’s top button twice to turn up the volume
    • Quickly press the WAND’s top button three times to turn down the volume
    • In order to know if this is working, the WAND’s light will flash purple for every adjustment you make
  2. There was no unpairing feature in our previous version, and we have added this function in our new version software update in response to customer requests. By doing this, all previously paired devices will be removed from that WAND’s memory.
    • If your WAND is connected to the USB / battery source, please unplug it first.
    • Press the button on the top of WAND continuously and plug your WAND into the USB / battery source
    • The WAND’s light will flash, alternating between white, blue, and orange; wait for 5 seconds, and unplug your WAND from the USB / battery source again
    • Now you should have cleared all of the previous pairing setting. Connect your WAND to the USB / battery source again, and you can pair WAND with any devices you wish again

System requirements:

Firmware update procedure:

  1. Install NET Framework 4.7.2 (an up to date  Windows 10 system should already have this installed)
  2. Install TUNAI WAND v1.9.4 firmware


  1. Open “tunai-bt-config.exe”
  2. Connect WAND to USB cable
  3. Click on the button “Start Upgrade”
  4. Waiting for the upgrade to complete and unplug WAND

Note: Please do not unplug WAND while running the firmware update as this could potentially damage the device.

User manual

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